2 farmers died in MP: They went into the well to repair the motor, suffocated by poisonous gas

Neeraj Kakotia, Balaghat. A painful incident has come to light from Balaghat district of Madhya Pradesh. Here, two farmers got down in the well to repair the motor and died. Both are suspected to have died due to inhaling poisonous gas. As soon as the incident was reported, the police reached the spot and with the help of the villagers to dead bodies Took him out of the well.

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The incident is of Udasitola village under Lalbarra police station. According to the information received, the fields of farmers Jeevanlal and Ramlal are side by side. Both had gone to the farm on Monday. During this, Ramlal descended into the well to repair the water motor, but fell unconscious after inhaling poisonous gas. To save whom Jeevanlal Pancheshwar also descended into the well and he too got in the grip of poisonous gas. Both died in the accident.

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After the incident, other farmers working nearby reached the spot and informed the Lalbarra police. After this, police and administrative officials also reached the spot and got the dead bodies of both of them removed. Lalbarra police has got the bodies of both the farmers post-mortem done and handed them over to the relatives for the last rites.

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