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Purushottam Patra, Gariaband. Chingrapgar waterfall in Baruka village situated on Rajim Gariaband road of Gariaband district, covered with natural and forest areas, is famous as a tourist destination. Chingra Pagar Falls is located in Baruka village, 13 kilometers from Gariaband on the way to capital Raipur. This waterfall is full of dense forest, high mountains and natural beauty from all four directions.

This waterfall is located on the forests of Kachna Dhurva and Baruka, whose height is about 110 feet high, which looks very beautiful. Tourists come from Chhattisgarh as well as other states to enjoy the beauty of Chingra Pagar Falls.

The number of tourists in Chingra Pagar Falls is increasing day by day. As soon as the rainy season starts, the water level here increases a lot, due to which the view of this waterfall seems even more delightful.

Collector Akash Chikara took a special initiative today to beautify the waterfall site for the convenience of tourists and to maintain cleanliness in the natural site. The joint team of the district administration launched a cleanliness drive to keep the Chingrapgar Falls site clean. Around 200 people jointly launched a cleanliness drive this morning by reaching the waterfall site.

During this, Collector Akash Chikara, DFO Manivasagan S and Zilla Panchayat CEO Rita Yadav also came forward holding brooms in their hands for cleaning. Under the Swachh Bharat Mission Rural, all the people involved in this campaign of cleanliness cleaned polythene, plastic, bottle, polythene and other waste in Chingrapgar tourist place.

During this, Collector Chikara said that it is the responsibility of all of us to keep the natural places and tourist places safe and clean. It is also our responsibility to make good use of the things given by nature. He appealed to the people not to spread garbage in tourist places, to preserve them naturally and to participate in environmental awareness.

During this, Collector Chikara instructed the officers to develop necessary arrangements for expansion of tourist facilities at the waterfall site. Along with this, instructions were also given to install information boards related to not spreading garbage in tourist places.

stay away from drugs in tourist places

Collector Chikara has appealed to be careful apart from enjoying the natural view full of panoramic view in Chingrapgar Falls. He said that Chingrapgar tourist spot is a public place. Don’t take drugs there. Also don’t take drugs. Apart from this, the collector has also appealed to beware of slippery rocks in the waterfall site during the rainy season.

He said that due to rain, algae grow in the stones, due to which the stone becomes slippery. There is a danger of slipping and falling while walking on the stone. Therefore, be careful and cautious while going to the waterfall site.

During this, Additional Collector Avinash Bhoi, Joint Collector Naveen Bhagat, Teerthraj Agarwal, SDM Bhupendra Sahu, District CEO Narsing Dhruv, District Treasury Officer B.K. Tiwari, along with media personnel, officers and employees of the district administration and forest department were present.

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