291 players honored in Chhattisgarhi Olympics

Laxmikant Bansod, Balod. Chhattisgarhia Olympics was organized by Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel with the aim of giving a new direction to the tradition of Chhattisgarh like the Olympic Games held at the international level. In which games like Kabaddi, Fugdi, Billas, Pitthul, Tug of War, Banti, Bhanvra, Race, Sankhali, Long Jump, Kho-Kho, Gilli Danda were organized across the state. A large number of women from rural areas also participated in this game. In the same sequence, track suits were distributed to about 291 women, men and children, honoring the participants of the Chhattisgarhi Olympics from development block Daundi.

This felicitation ceremony was started with the worship of Chhattisgarh Mahatari and the slogan ‘Khelbo au Khelabo – Strong Chhattisgarh Banabo’. Addressing all the participants, the District President said that in order to take forward the sports and our tradition, the rural women who were interested in the sports in their childhood and are busy in Chulha Chowka all day, It has been started only to enhance the hidden talent. In the future too, we have to work hard to participate in the upcoming Olympics and bring laurels to the block along with our Gram Panchayat.

Chhattisgarh Olympics is another name for the identity and tradition of Chhattisgarh – Puneet Sen

District Vice President Puneet Sen said that we should not forget our identity and tradition under any circumstances, due to western civilization today’s youth are moving away from the traditional games and culture of the state and are forgetting everything. Seeing this, the head of the state, who himself grew up in the rural environment, has revived the childhood games like Pitthu, Billas, Gilli Danda, Bhanvra, Banti by starting the Chhattisgarh Olympics since last year. Whom today’s children don’t even know. In the last Chhattisgarhia Olympics, the courage and enthusiasm shown by the children of our block as well as women and elders by participating in the games is commendable and it has to be maintained even further and in the next Olympics we have to perform even better than this time, for which The whole district is with him for this.

On the other hand, minister representative Piyush Soni said that there is no dearth of players and talent in our block, some time back two girls of the block brought laurels to the block by representing national level sports, they were given lakhs of rupees by the head of the state. was also given. Similarly, to bring out the hidden talents, the successful Chief Minister of the state has started the Chhattisgarh Olympics, congratulating the team of Ghotia village of the block which came first in the state-wide Kabaddi competition and all the participants who have come. Said to prepare for the next Olympics with hard work and dedication.

The Pratibha Samman program of the participants from Daundi development block in Chhattisgarhia Olympics 2022-23 was organized in the auditorium of the Janpad Panchayat office. In particular, Minister Representative Piyush Soni, District President Basanti Dugga, Vice President Puneet Sen, SDM and CEO District Daundi Manoj Markam, District Members Tikam Netam, Rajesh Churendra and Pushpa Komarra, Mamta Mandavi Sarpanch Ghotia Panchayat and BRC Sharma and other public representatives were present on the stage. Hundreds of participating sportspersons were present along with the secretary of gram panchayats, sarpanch. After the speech, track suits were distributed to all the players by all the public representatives and advance wishes were given for performing well in every game in the Chhattisgarhia Olympics, which will resume this year after Hareli.

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