3 ghosts caught by the patrolling team

Virendra Gahwai, Bilaspur. In the middle of the night, a prank happened with some youths, including a minor, who had become ghosts, when the police on patrol caught them and brought them to the police station.

Actually, this rumor is hot in the market that lakhs of rupees can be earned by making reels and YouTube videos. Once upon a time there was a craze for film and TV among the youth, the same craze these days is about making reels and YouTube videos.

Social media is also full of such videos, which also have prank videos. We, you all must have seen the video of scaring people in the name of prank late night.

In Bilaspur also, three youths were caught by the police while trying to do the same. At 2:30 in the night, some youths were making frank videos by posing as women and ghosts on the Ware House Road in Bilaspur.

When the police patrolling team caught sight of them, three people including a minor were brought to the police station. Later, their family members were called and explained to them and they were released after being instructed not to act like this in future.

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