4 policemen including TI suspended for stealing gold coins: TI said – We are not thieves, villagers accused of looting 240 coins found in excavation

Sunil Soni, Alirajpur. Villagers accused the policemen of stealing 240 gold coins in Baijda village under Sondwa police station area of ​​Alirajpur district of Madhya Pradesh. At the same time, taking major action in this matter, the SP of the district has suspended 4 police personnel including TI. The policemen are accused of robbing the rural women of gold coins by threatening them. The policemen went in plain clothes and threatened the tribal woman and fled with 240 gold coins.

MP: 240 gold coins found in excavation, villagers accuse policemen of looting, case registered, SP said this

Here, after the action of suspension, TI Vijay Deora, who was involved in the charge of rigging gold coins, released a video on social media saying that we are not thieves, he has released a video clarifying the allegations leveled against him.

In fact, a villager of Baijda village of Sondwa police station has alleged that at 11 am on July 19, 2023, four policemen of Sondwa police station including TI Vijay Deora. Came to their house and recovered 220 gold coins from one house and 20 from another house after beating up the woman present in the house, but did not take it on record and distributed these recovered coins among themselves. Whose complaint was made by the villagers in the police station.

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SP Alirajpur Hansraj Singh has suspended three other constables Surendra, Rakesh and Virendra, including TI Vijay Deora, and has started an investigation by naming a policeman and registering an FIR against three others in the matter. According to the villagers, about 6 months ago, while working as laborers in Gujarat, they had found 240 gold coins, which the women had buried in the ground in their house. But the policemen snatched them away after beating and threatening them.

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