560 quintal vermi compost

Feature Story. This story is of Sankara of Bemetara. Where sisters are earning income in Gauthan. Cattle breeders are getting rich. Vermicompost is being made. Women making phenyl. There is greenery everywhere in Gothan. Women are also rearing sheep. Earning money from different work. Fabric work is also being done under Bhupesh Sarkar’s scheme Suraji village. Bemetara is one of the best and ideal Gauthans of the district. Where the sisters of the district are making themselves self-sufficient by doing small business.

Earning from Godhan Nyaya Yojana

Under Suraji village scheme, special efforts are being made in the district for conservation and promotion of Narva Garva Ghurva and Bari and its better results are also coming out. Gram Panchayat Sankara is about six to seven kms from Janpad Panchayat Berla. Located off Raipur Road. Sankara Gauthan built under the Godhan Nyaya Yojana is attached to the main road.

Greenery all around in Gothan

This Gothan has all the necessary elements for an ideal Gothan. There are 12929 animals of about 235 cattle rearers here. Out of 44 vermi stitches, 4 are filled in this Gothan. Napier grass has been planted in about 5 acres of area in this Gothan, in which greenery is visible all around. To make this Gauthan beautiful, 700 different plants have been planted in two acres.

The greenery of Gothan will fascinate the mind

While passing through the main road, the greenery of this Gauthan fascinates the mind. It has been developed as an ideal Gauthan, which has been adopted by Collector Bemetara, which has paved the way for its overall development. An action plan has been prepared for its overall development. After the completion of this work plan, this Gothan is going to become the best and ideal Gothan cum Multi-Quality Center in the entire Bemetara district.

Total twelve groups working under Bihan Yojana

A total of twelve groups are working under the Bihaan Yojana in Sankara Gram Panchayat. Out of these groups, the groups associated in Gauthan are mainly associated with Mahila Vikas Self-Help Group, Sangharsh Mahila Self-Help Group, Jai Maa Banjari Self-Help Group, Jai Maa Bamleshwari Self-Help Group, and Samriddhi Self-Help Group.

Self-help group doing sheep farming

Women’s Development Self Help Group is doing the work of vermicompost from cow dung. It does its work in Gothan only. Apart from this work, this group also manufactures Phenyl. Sangharsh Women’s Self Help Group is doing the work of fabric work with full capacity. Jai Maa Banjari self-help group is doing the work of development of body in the pasture of Gauthan. Maa Bamleshwari self-help group is doing the work of sheep rearing.

Self help group doing handicraft work

Prosperity Self Help Group associated with Gothan is doing Handicraft work. All these groups are indirectly connected with Gauthan and are giving their full contribution in developing it as a multi activity center. About 1873 quintals of cow dung was purchased in Sankara Gauthan. In this, 560.10 quintal vermicompost was produced, out of which 455.50 quintal vermicompost was sold.

Poultry farming and incense sticks manufacturing

Presently about 104 quintal vermi compost is left. Today, these groups associated with this Gauthan are moving forward in the direction of standing on their own feet. The aura of success can be seen in their faces. The sisters of the group enthusiastically say that they are moving forward in the direction of making this Gothan an exemplary ideal Gothan by connecting more groups in the future with activities like poultry farming, incense stick making, mushroom production and fruit production.

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