8 killers of 1 young man in CG: Young man’s illegal relationship with woman, son saw in objectionable position, then played death game with relatives…

Virendra Gahwai, Bilaspur. After entering the house, 8 people together beat the young man to death with sticks and rods. Illicit relationship is being told as the reason for the murder. In fact, the accused youth had seen the deceased having a relationship with his mother, after which he along with his relatives killed the youth. Police has arrested 5 accused in this case. The incident is of Koni police station area.

According to the information, Govardhan Pali, a resident of Jarhagaon police station area of ​​Mungeli district, used to work as a mason. He was working in the FCI godown being built in Cachar for the last 9 months. There he lived in a rented house. On Wednesday night, after having dinner, he was sleeping with his friends Sagar Pali and Suraj Tandon in a rented house. Meanwhile, Ajay Kenwat, a resident of Rampara, Cachar, along with his brother Vijay Kenwat, uncle Dinesh Kenwat, Shekhar Kenwat, Mukesh Kenwat, Raju Kenwat entered his house at around 11 pm and abused his mother for forcibly having an illicit relationship with him. Started talking. After which he attacked Govardhan with a lathi-rod. Due to which Govardhan died, all the accused fled after the incident.

At the same time, after getting information about the incident, the police interrogated the accused youth by taking them into custody. In the interrogation of the police, the accused Ajay Kenvat said, along with the deceased Govardhan Kenvat, the people of the village including his mother used to work. He also used to work there. During this, he had seen Govardhan in an objectionable condition with his mother, after which he wanted to kill her. He also involved his relatives in the planning of the murder and as soon as he got a chance, entered the house on Wednesday night and killed the young man. After the murder absconding Ajay Kenwat, his brother Rajesh, Raju Kenwat, Mukesh Kenwat and Dinesh Kenwat had reached Ghutku railway station in an attempt to escape by train. On getting information about this, the police laid siege near the railway station and arrested 5 accused. At the same time, after interrogating the accused, she is now collecting information about their absconding relatives.

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