A 12 Year Old Boy Oliver Whitehouse Bowling Out Six Players In A Row, In One Over And Take Double Hat Trick

A 12 Year Old Boy Oliver Whitehouse Takes Double Hat Trick: The game of cricket is full of uncertainties, there is no doubt about it. In one over, where the batsman sometimes hits 6 consecutive sixes, then the bowler was also seen doing the feat of taking a hat-trick in one over. But both these things are not often seen. Whereas in England, a 12-year-old boy did such a feat which is almost impossible for any bowler to do.

Oliver Whitehouse, who plays for England’s Bromsgrove Cricket Club, has done this feat. Left-arm spin bowler Oliver has surprised everyone by taking 6 consecutive wickets in 6 balls. Oliver took 6 consecutive wickets in 6 balls with his magical spin and completed a double hat-trick.

Broomsgrove Cricket Club captain Jaden Levitt said in his statement to the BBC after Oliver Whitehouse’s exploits that he could not believe what Oliver had done. Oliver will not be aware of the importance of the feat he has done. They will definitely understand all these things later.

Total 8 wickets taken

The information about this feat of Oliver was given by his own club through a post through social media. It didn’t take long for it to go viral. Left-arm spinner Oliver bowled 2 overs in this match, in which he took a total of 8 wickets without giving any runs. Oliver comes from a family that has a long association with sports.

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