AAP leaders said – the promise of regularization in 10 days was not fulfilled even after 4 and a half years, the government cheated the employees

Raipur. AAP’s state chief spokesperson Suraj Upadhyay addressed a press conference at the state office of the Aam Aadmi Party today regarding the strike of contract workers and the resignation of thousands of contract workers. Spokesperson Upadhyay said that the Bhupesh government had promised to regularize within 10 days, which could not be completed even after 4 and a half years. During this, AAP leader Vijay Jha and state patron of Irregular Employees Morcha Gopal Prasad Sahu were also present.

Suraj Upadhyay said that this is the first time after the formation of Chhattisgarh, when the employees of all the departments of the government are protesting against the government by coming under one platform, then you can understand the anger among the employees against the government. Those who implement government schemes at the ground level, when those employees are not happy, then what will happen to the schemes. Aam Aadmi Party supports the demands of all casual workers.

Upadhyay said, the government is making the employees work for Rs 60 per day, this is the autocracy of the government. While they should be given honorarium according to the collector rate. The same Congress leader had said to fulfill his promise within 10 days by taking Gangajal in his hand. The government of Chhattisgarh has failed on every front today.

Suraj Upadhyay said that when the Congress was preparing the manifesto, then all the employees went under the banner of the organizations and promised that they will regularize you within 10 days, but even after four and a half years neither the Chief Minister nor the The Chief Secretary gave an appointment. All the employees are going on indefinite strike from 1st August. Aam Aadmi Party stands with all their demands and the party will support their movement in the entire state.

State Patron of Irregular Employees Morcha, Gopal Prasad Sahu said in the press conference that the Bhupesh government had promised to regularize within 10 days after coming to power. We kept on asking for time to meet the Chief Minister, but in four and a half years neither he got time nor we got permission to meet him. He said that it is our compulsion that such steps have to be taken when our government does not listen. If the government does not take our demands seriously, then on August 1, our government employees will also come in agitation. He further said that talks were held with Deputy CM TS Singhdev on different forums, but he says that the Chief Minister will be able to do it.

Vijay Jha said that the employees of Ministry of Irregular Employees and Contract Employees are continuously protesting at the picket site Tuta regarding their demands. The Congress had promised to regularize all the irregular employees in Chhattisgarh within 10 days, but now the employees are being tricked and cheated. Bhupesh government is continuously breaking promises with the employees and filling vacant posts through direct recruitment in the departments. In such a situation, when the posts will be filled then how will the employees be regularised. The government is adopting a dictatorial attitude. FIR has been registered against many contract employees.

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