Accident happened due to caution: female passenger’s foot slipped while boarding the moving train, woman constable saved her life like this, see VIDEO

Shabbir Ahmed, Bhopal. Due to the bravery of a lady constable in Bhopal, the life of a lady passenger was saved. It so happened that a woman fell down while boarding a moving train, meanwhile she was about to come between the train track and the vehicle, when a woman constable arrived there as an angel. Showing his presence of mind and understanding, he immediately pulled the woman out and saved her life. Its video is going viral in social media.

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The incident is of Bhopal railway station. Where while boarding the Dr. Ambedkar Nagar Express moving train, the woman’s foot slipped and fell straight down. During this, constable Uma Patel, who was on duty there, saved the woman’s life without delay, although the woman suffered minor injuries in the incident, but her life was saved. At the same time, everyone is praising the bravery of this woman constable Uma Patel.

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The case is of June 30, when Uma Patel, the female constable on duty, was at the Bina end of Platform 4. During this, a woman passenger was seen hanging between the train and the platform by hanging from the gate while boarding the rear general coach of the moving train. Female constable Uma Patel, showing her prudence and understanding, immediately pulled the female passenger out safely from between the vehicle and the platform.

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