Adipurush Controversy Lucknow High Court Scolded On Makers Says Respect Ramayan Quran Bible And Holy Books ANN

Lucknow Highcourt On Adipurush: During the hearing on the petition filed regarding the film Adipurush, the Division Bench of Justice Rajesh Singh Chauhan and Justice Sriprakash Singh reprimanded the Censor Board and the producer directors in the High Court.

Advocate Ranjana Agnihotri, presenting her side during the debate in the court, apprised the honorable court about the objectionable facts and dialogues shown in the film. Accepting the amendment application submitted by the court on June 22, the advocate Ashwini Singh appearing on behalf of the Censor Board was asked what the Censor Board keeps doing? Cinema is the mirror of the society, what do you want to teach the future generations? Does the Censor Board not understand its responsibilities?

The court also said that ‘not only Ramayana but at least spare religious texts like Holy Quran, Guru Granth Sahib and Gita, rest are doing whatever they do’. The court also showed a strong stand on the absence of the film’s producer, director and other defendant parties in the court. Advocate Ranjana Agnihotri objected to the non-filing of reply by the Censor Board and informed the court about the objectionable facts of the film.

Ravana feeding meat to a bat, showing Sita ji without a blouse, black-coloured Lanka, calling a bat a vehicle of Ravana, showing Vibhishan’s wife giving sanjeevani to Laxman instead of Sushen Vaidya, objectionable dialogues and all others The facts were kept in the court on which the court agreed. Now the next hearing in this matter will be on June 27.

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