Adipurush Director Om Raut Reveals Prabhas Was Not Ready To Play Ram Character Know The Reason Why

Prabhas in Adipurush: Om Raut’s film Adipurush has come into controversy as soon as it is released. When the trailer of the film was released for the first time, it was trolled a lot on social media. After that some changes were made in the trailer. Although the trailer people did not like much, but still the audience had expectations from the film that at least the film would live up to their expectations.

When the film was released on June 16, it came under attack. The kind of dialogues and VFX used in a mythological film are not going down the throats of the people and the result is that there has been a ruckus about the film from social media to the streets.

Prabhas was not ready to become Ram?
Even Prabhas, who made everyone crazy with his body and acting in ‘Bahubali’, is not liked by the people in the form of ‘Ram’. By the way, do you know that initially Prabhas himself was not ready for this role. , But then Om Raut convinced him. The director himself has revealed about this

How did Om Raut celebrate?
Talking to India Today, Om Raut said, ‘To be honest, it was not easy to convince him because I had a phone conversation with him during the pandemic, when we were all stuck. During the conversation, ‘He asked me what is it that you want me to do this character? So I said,’ Are you okay? I meant, I want you to play the role of Lord Shri Ram. I want you to play the role of Raghav. He said sure? I said yes. But then he started thinking how will this happen? It was impossible to narrate the film to such a big star on a zoom call. So on the same day I arranged a pilot and left Mumbai for Hyderabad.

‘I went to Hyderabad and when I narrated the film to him, he immediately said yes. He was very excited then. He was always a person who supported me and believed in me.

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