Adipurush Twitter Review Audience Praising Prabhas Kriti Sanon Saif Ali Khan Film Calling Blockbuster Movie | Adipurush Twitter Review: Prabhas-Kriti’s ‘Adipurush’ won the hearts of the audience as soon as it was released, people are talking

Adipurush Twitter Review: Prabhas and Kriti Sanon’s most awaited film of the year 2023 ‘Adipurush’ has finally been released in theaters today. Fans are very excited about the film and there is a crowd outside the theaters to watch its first day first show. At the same time, reviews have started coming on social media about ‘Adipurush’. Let’s know here how people have liked this film made in a huge budget of 500 crores?

What is the review on social media about ‘Adipurush’?
‘Adipurush’ based on Epic Ramayana has been released on the big screen today after a long wait. Prabhas fans are seen outside theaters since morning and the film is also being celebrated. At the same time, Prabhas is also trending on social media. Amidst all this, as soon as the release of the film, reviews have also started pouring in on Twitter. One user wrote, “Adipurush is a great film, full and full of goosebumps scenes with a great BGM. Excellent acting by Prabhas. Other casting has also been done well. Songs are big plus. VFX is not good, this movie needs a better VFX. Overall a blockbuster movie.”

‘Adipurush’ is a good film
Another user wrote, “Adipurush is a good movie, 3D effects are awesome. Prabhas and Kriti Sanon have done a great job. Songs are very good. VFX is bad during the climax scene. Must watch the film on the big screen.

A user wrote Adipurush is a retelling of Ramayanam
Another user wrote, “Adipurush is overall a retelling of Ramayanam in which the first part was promising but falls flat in the second part and becomes tiresome towards the end! The first part focused on drama which worked, but the second part was nothing but a prolonged climactic fight with bad VFX. Music saves the film in many parts.”

People are praising the film
Many other users have praised the film on Twitter and have called it a blockbuster, describing it as a very good film. Along with this, the acting of Prabhas and Kriti is also being highly praised.

There are goosebumps moments in Adipurush
Another user wrote in a tweet, “Some films should not be judged but should only be appreciated. Adipurush is that film for this modern world, apart from the dragged second half, the film had a lot of goosebumps for the fans.” Moments to do are negative VFX still half cooked Positives: Screenplay, music.”

Om Raut has directed ‘Adipurush’
Om Raut has directed ‘Adipurush’. Prabhas has played the role of Raghav in the film. While Kriti Sanon is seen in the role of Janaki. While Saif Ali Khan has played the role of Lankesh and Sunny Singh has played the role of Laxman. Whereas Devadatta Nag is in the role of Hanuman. The film is expected to make a great collection on the opening day.

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