After Eliminated On Bigg Boss OTT 2 Puneet Superstar Statement On Salman Khan Love Life

Puneet Superstar on Salman Khan love life: Bigg Boss OTT2 is in discussion as soon as it starts. Bonding is also being seen between the contestants in the house. However, tension is also visible among some contestants. There was also a contestant in the show who had to find a way out of the house within 24 hours. We are talking about Puneet Superstar. Now since being out of the house, Puneet has revealed many things. He has given a statement about Salman Khan’s love life.

It is known that in the premiere of Bigg Boss OTT, Salman Khan had asked Puneet whether he did not have a girlfriend. Now after coming out of the house, he has reacted to this.

Puneet Superstar reacted

He said in a live session, ‘I would like to say this to Salman Bhai, he asked me that I don’t have a girlfriend, so I want to tell him which one he has. Salman Bhai is also single and I am also single.

He also talked about his first meeting with Salman Khan. Puneet said, ‘Salman Bhai got nervous after seeing me on stage. Earlier he was talking to the rest of the contestants but when I came, he must have thought that what a mad or talented person has come. That’s why he stood there calmly and he showed me the way to go inside the house.

Why was Puneet evicted from Bigg Boss house?
Please tell that after going inside the house, Puneet started applying toothpaste on his face. Started pouring floor cleaner on the head. Everyone in the house got upset with him. Bigg Boss also gave him a warning. But still there was no change in Puneet’s actions. After this, Bigg Boss asks all the contestants of the house to vote whether they want to see Puneet inside the house or not. After this, most of the people voted him out of the house. After this, Puneet was out of the house.

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