After implementing ESMA, orders for action are now issued, contract health workers who do not return to work will be punished

Satyapal Rajput, Raipur. The contract workers in the state are mobilizing against the government for their demands. At the same time, the government has imposed ESMA on contract health workers and has issued orders to all collectors to take action against contract health workers who do not return to work. Additional Chief Secretary, Government of Chhattisgarh Public Health and Family Welfare Department has issued this order.

Explain that ESMA has been imposed to break the strike of contract employees. Even after this, the employees are seen in a mixed mood. On the other hand, against this order, the contract employees protested against the government today by doing water satyagraha.

Employees did water satyagraha in protest against ESMA

ESMA had no effect on the employees. Today thousands of contract workers reached the protest site. In protest against ESMA, water satyagraha is being organized in Tuta on behalf of All Departmental Contract Employees Federation. In protest against the policy of the government, all the contractual employees have entered the water.

What an irony it is that the governments which take support of the movement, after coming to power, adopt all the tactics to break the movement of legitimate demands with repressive policies. Why is the Congress government, which came to power promising regularization, getting so restless to break the fight for this right? This question has been raised by the contract workers doing water satyagraha against ESMA. After imposing ESMA law on the health workers of the government, thousands of workers reached the Tuta protest site and registered their protest. If sources are to be believed, no health worker in any district was present in the office.

Mahasangh’s state president Kaushalesh Tiwari said that even after five years of the government, no decision has been taken regarding regularization. When the employees went on strike with an appeal to fulfill the promises of the government, it is resorting to repressive policies to break the strike. This is a matter of concern in a democracy. Working President Ashok Kurre told that we oppose this oppressive policy of the government. Will not tolerate this maliciousness towards our own employees. Working President Hemant Sinha said that the agitating employees are not going to leave without a concrete decision this time.

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