AGM inspected Raipur railway station, dirt was found in many places…. Reprimanded officials including DRM Sanjeev Kumar, said – If you ask something, you stand with your mouth hanging

Prateek Chauhan. Raipur. The AGM of South East Central Railway zone inspected Raipur railway station on Saturday evening. During this, dirt was found at many places in Raipur railway station and many types of flaws were found in the construction work going on in number 7 platform. After which the AGM reprimanded all the officials including DRM Sanjeev Kumar of Raipur Railway Division. He even said that if you ask something, you stand with your mouth hanging empty.

The AGM also reprimanded the officials for the cleanliness of Raipur railway station. He said that there is so much dirt in Raipur railway station, but despite this, the cleaning contractor must be getting full payment.

After this, the officials at Raipur railway station swung into action and got the cleaning done ahead of the AGM’s inspection.

The staff was made to stand in front to hide the cow dung

During the inspection at Raipur railway station, on platform number 7 where the construction work of the bridge is going on, the cleaning contractor made a cleaning worker stand in front of the cow dung so that the AGM could not see the cow dung. Apart from this, cracks were found at many places in the floor coto stone engaged in the new construction work, besides many flaws were also found in the structure of the angle, on which he reprimanded the officials and expressed his displeasure.

Cooler pump in second class ladies waiting hall was bad, AGM got angry there too

During the inspection, the cooler pumps of the railway station falling in the category of A1 class were found defective. After which the AGM took information from the railway staff present there and then instructed the officials to get it fixed immediately. Please tell that Raipur Railway Board takes thousands of coolers on rent every year. But before renting it does not check whether it has been maintained or not. This is the reason that in the inspection of the AGM, the officers got exposed.

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