Ahmed Shehzad Reaction On Gautam Gambhir And Virat Kohli Latest Sports News | Virat Kohli: Former Pakistani opener’s statement, said

Ahmed Shehzad On Virat Kohli-Gautam Gambhir Controversy: In the IPL 2023 season, a big drama was witnessed after the Lucknow Super Giants and Royal Challengers Bangalore match. Actually, Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir clashed after this match. At the same time, apart from Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir, Afghanistan player Naveen-ul-Haq was involved in this dispute. Apart from the fans, cricket experts gave their reaction on this controversy. However, now former Pakistan opener Ahmed Shehzad has spoken on the Virat Kohli-Gautam Gambhir controversy.

‘Gautam Gambhir is jealous of Virat Kohli’s success’

Ahmed Shahzad said that the way Gautam Gambhir behaved, it is clear that he is jealous of Virat Kohli’s success. He said that Gautam Gambhir keeps looking for an excuse to fight Virat Kohli without any reason. At the same time, he said that Gautam Gambhir is polluting the minds of the young players of Lucknow Super Giants with his antics. Ahmed Shahzad says that what he saw in that match is really very sad. What happened between Naveen-ul-Haq and Virat Kohli is understandable. This often happens on the field, but what did Gautam Gambhir do?

‘So that doesn’t mean you’re going to mistreat her for the rest of your life…’

Gautam Gambhir clashed with the player of his country, and that too with the player who is currently the biggest player in the world. The kind of attitude Gautam Gambhir showed towards Virat Kohli was not right. He said that Gautam Gambhir had once shared the Player of the Match award with Virat Kohli, but that does not mean that you will misbehave with him for the rest of your life. He is unable to digest the success of Virat Kohli. You should respect Virat Kohli for what he has achieved. Ahmed Shahzad says that whatever Virat Kohli has achieved at such a young age, Gautam Gambhir could not achieve in his entire life.

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