Ajuni Actress Ayushi Khurana Revealed Why Did Dipika Kakar Premature Delivery Happen And How Was Shoaib Ibrahim Reaction

Shoaib Reaction On Dipika Premature Delivery: Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim are the most popular real life couple of TV. On June 21, the couple became parents of a son. Although Deepika has given birth to a premature baby while her delivery was expected in the third or fourth week of July. Although happiness came to their house a month ago. New mom and dad are shocked by this.

,Anju’ Actress Ayushi talks about Deepika’s premature delivery
‘Ajuni’ star Shoaib Ibrahim’s co-actress Aayushi Khurana revealed in an interview to Tele Masala, Deepika and Shoaib’s reaction to premature delivery. When Aayushi was asked about her reaction, she said, “I was surprised.” She further added, “We didn’t expect this at all; our shoot was scheduled on the 21st and we had planned to celebrate Shoaib sir’s birthday. In the morning, Shoaib called and told me, ‘Deepika is admitted in the hospital.’ ‘ I asked, ‘Why? What happened?’ That’s when I came to know that Deepika has given birth to a child.”

Ayushi told Shoaib and Deepika’s reaction
Ayushi revealed that there was still a month left for Deepika’s due date, so the early arrival of the baby surprised her too. He told that Deepika and Shoaib Ibrahim also did not expect the child to come so soon. Describing Shoaib’s reaction, Aayushi shared, “Shoaib was in a state of panic. He could not understand that the child had been born, as the child was kept under observation.” While talking about Deepika’s reaction, Ayushi said, “Deepika was very excited, she was in a different zone and was enjoying it.”

Why did Dipika Kakar’s premature delivery happen?
When Ayushi met Deepika and asked about the unexpected delivery, Deepika told that her water bag suddenly broke and she rushed to the hospital where the doctors performed a premature delivery. Deepika shares with Aayushi that she could not get her pregnancy photoshoot done. The Ajuji actress also mentioned that Deepika was laughing while going to the hospital, but she was also worried as her house was still underconstruction and many things were yet to be completed.

Shoaib gave the news of being a baby boy on Insta
Please tell that on June 21, Shoaib had shared the news of the birth of the child on his official social media account. He told that the child was born on Wednesday morning and it is a premature delivery. Shoaib assured everyone that Deepika’s health is stable and she is fine.

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