Allegations of corruption in the municipality: Congress workers burnt the effigy of Minister Bhupendra Singh, shouted slogans against the president and the CMO

Inderpal Singh, Narmadapuram. Madhya Pradesh (Madhya Pradesh) Congress workers alleging corruption in Narmadapuram district of Seoni Malwa The municipality was surrounded. During this, the Congressmen also burnt the effigy of Urban Administration Minister Bhupendra Singh. Along with this slogans of Murdabad were also raised against the Municipality President and the Municipality CMO.

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Congress District President Pushparaj Patel warned the officials and employees of the municipality that the way you people are doing corruption today. It’s just a matter of time. Congress government will come, after that action will be taken against all the corrupt officers.

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scuffle with the police

During the protest, Congress workers and office bearers tried to enter the municipality, but were stopped by the police, which also led to a scuffle between the workers and the policemen. Angry Congressmen raised slogans and demanded the resignation of the Municipality President.

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