Allegations of negligence on the doctors of AIIMS, a young man troubled by stomach pain hanged himself, the family said – doctors are responsible for the death

Praveen Sahu, Abhanpur. Due to the insensitivity of the doctors of AIIMS Raipur, a patient has committed suicide by hanging himself. The deceased has 4 daughters. After the father’s suicide, now the concern for his future has arisen. At the same time, the families are blaming the doctors and management of AIIMS for the incident.

Let us tell you that Kishan, a resident of Jaunda village of Thana Gobra Nawapara area, was suffering from stomach pain a year back. His stomach was filled with pus, for the treatment of which when he was admitted to AIIMS Raipur, the doctors removed the pus and put two tubes in his stomach. After being fine for a year, a sudden pain in his stomach started for the last few days. Finally, on Sunday, the family again took him to the emergency ward of AIIMS, where his blood pressure turned out to be normal, after which the present doctors admitted him and did not even treat him. Whereas even at that time the deceased was suffering from stomach pain.

made excuses to visit the hospital

The doctors of AIIMS kept the patient roaming around making excuses for 2 days. Meanwhile, the deceased and his wife Bisahin Bai stayed on rent in a room at Gurdwara Dharamshala in Tatibandh, some distance from AIIMS, in the hope of treatment. At last, the deceased, troubled by extreme pain, made a noose with his pot and swung in the iron angle on the roof of the Dharamshala on the intervening night of 24-25 July. This morning when the wife of the deceased woke up, she started searching for her husband after not finding him present in the room, after which she found the dead body of the deceased hanging on the ceiling.

AIIMS doctors responsible for death

The bereaved relatives of the deceased are blaming the doctors of AIIMS for the incident. Bisahin Bai, wife of the deceased and Krishna Vishwakarma, brother of the deceased, are clearly blaming the AIIMS management for the death of the deceased. Both allege that, if the AIIMS management had shown a little sensitivity, then perhaps the deceased would have been alive today. Whatever happened to him should not happen to anyone else.

Future of 4 daughters in darkness

It has been learned that the deceased used to work as a daily wage laborer and was not able to go to work for the last one and a half to two months due to stomach pain. The deceased has 4 daughters, who are in the age group of 10 to 20 years. After the deceased committed suicide, now the worry about the future of the four has started troubling the wife and her family members of the deceased. The big question is, will the AIIMS management wake up after this heartbreaking incident?

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