Amendment scheme sold in crores! Deal in code word, destruction of education with ‘luggage’, 1300 teachers, 6 districts and fiercely ‘Dhanvarsha’, who collected ‘luggage’ before transfer?

Purushottam character, Gariaband. Like Bilaspur, teachers in Raipur division have also played fiercely in the name of amendment after promotion. The amendment scheme was sold in crores. The deal is done in code word. Conspiracy to destroy education with ‘goods’ has been carried out. 1300 teachers of 6 districts and there has been a lot of ‘money’ in the amendment in a secret way. It is also being said that before the transfer, a big fish had collected ‘goods’, which is a matter of discussion in the district these days.

Actually, Gariaband district has also been affected in this game done from the Divisional Joint Director’s Office, Raipur. Gariaband is at the fourth position from the bottom in the rating of education quality. Statistics show that 300 teachers were needed in only 444 middle schools in the district. After the promotion process in the month of May, it was expected that the vacant posts would be filled.

According to the information received, the posting orders of more than 250 promoted teachers involved in the council process in various schools of Gariaband district were removed by the last date of May, but out of these only 177 people joined the district.

Teachers reached their favorite place through the system

Surprisingly, out of 47 single teacher schools for tribal studies located in remote and hilly areas, only 10 teachers came. Even today 40 middle schools in Mainpur block have one teacher. There are more than 30 such schools, where more than the prescribed number of teachers have been posted due to convenience. Without joining, more than 80 teachers have reached their preferred place through amendment orders as per their wish.

What did the district education officer say

The names of teachers from Dhamtari, Raipur and Mahasamund districts, besides the names of teachers posted from Chhura and Gariaband blocks to Mainpur, are included in those who have made amendments. As the matter is related to the JD office, District Education Officer DS Chauhan expressed ignorance about the amendment, but he said that the balance will be done in places where the number is more. The number of posts is also less according to the demand.

Transaction’s code word ‘goods’, crores rained fiercely!

Sources reveal that the transaction for revision was done in the JD office with the trust of the officer’s trusted babus. Those who had to get it done, were asked to bring ‘goods’ along with the application medical. If it was too difficult, then the facility fee had to be paid up to 3 lakhs for the amendment. From June 1 to June 12, crores of money rained. Based on this ongoing discussion, we are saying that transactions are not verified by

Let us tell you that after counseling more than 400 people were revised, for which a single order was issued for all. Not only this, after the order date of transfer of the then JD, more than 200 correction orders were issued on June 12 itself. The Revenue Commissioner of Raipur is investigating this game of amendment. Top officials of the department have also confirmed the investigation in a statement given to the media.

Joining time line increased before transfer

It is being told that the order to remove the then JD was issued on June 9 as soon as the disturbance was detected. The inkling of removal was already felt. The target of the mission was also not met. In such a situation, in the order issued on 25th May, the last date for joining the teachers was written as 10th June, just a day before his transfer, JD in an order issued on 8th June made the last date for joining the teachers as 25th June, then on 12th June, more than 200 amendment orders were removed within 12 hours. Lalluram has 17 copies of the amendment issued on June 12.

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