An unknown woman tried to enter the house of former MLA Devvrat Singh’s wife, was continuously doing Reiki, ran away from the alertness of the security personnel

Khairagarh. Self was the MLA of Khairagarh Assembly. An unknown woman tried to enter the residence of Devvrat Singh’s wife Rani Vibha Singh at Khairagarh last day. According to Vibha Singh’s PSO, a woman was doing Reiki near her encampment. Whose information was given in the police station. By the time the patrolling party reached, the woman had fled from there. The security personnel had clicked the photo of the woman. In which women are seen tying scarves.

Let us tell you that Rani Vibha Singh had already expressed the apprehension that there is a great danger to her life in a press conference. The way a suspicious woman was trying to penetrate the security cordon of the security personnel while doing Reiki at her residence last day, it is feared that she had come with the aim of harming Rani Vibha Singh. Due to the vigilance of the security guard posted at the residence, the suspected woman could not succeed in her plan. Sensing the circumstances, the security personnel posted under the security of Rani Vibha Singh, being cautious, chased the suspicious woman who was doing Reiki and clicked her photo. Regarding this incident, the security personnel has immediately given a written complaint letter to the police station Khairagarh. Apart from this, the SP has also been informed about this matter.

Complaint made by security guard

Security was sought from Rajnandgaon district SP office

Please tell that last year Vibha Singh had done a press conference. After this, Vibha Singh reached the SP office to hand over the memorandum. While expressing apprehension of violent incidents being committed against his ex-wife Padma Singh and her supporters anytime, he demanded security from the police stating that his life was in danger during his stay in Khairagarh.

Vibha Singh had accused Devvrat Singh’s first wife Padmavati Singh of usurping the princely land. Describing his life as a threat, he demanded the Director General of Police to arrest Padmavati and his henchmen and give them security.
Vibha Singh had accused Padmavati in a press conference that her husband Late. 11 crores from Raja Devvrat Singh and has taken a bungalow in Noida. Despite this, a conspiracy is being hatched to attack his children and them by coming from Delhi to Khairagarh with the intention of grabbing property after his death. He alleges that the goons carried out a planned attack outside the Udaipur Palace only at the behest of Padmavati. Vibha Singh also accused of stone pelting. She had demanded from the government that an inquiry should be conducted into the mysterious death of her husband.

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