… and how many will be sacrificed? The bloody highway swallowed another life, the father’s shadow rose over 3 children, the failure of the system is dividing death, when will the game of death stop?

Surendra Jain, Dharsiwan. The haphazardly constructed road from Sankara to Siltara and Charoda is turning red with someone’s blood every day. On Sunday, while crossing the six line, a bike was crushed by an unknown vehicle, due to which the bike driver died on the spot. Now the question has also started to arise that how many more people will be sacrificed. And when will the representatives of the system who call themselves responsible wake up from sleep.

Please inform that, the deceased was coming from the industrial area Siltara towards Parasatrai on his bike number CG 04 DE 3760. Then while crossing the six line, an unknown vehicle ran over his bike. As soon as the information was received, the Dharsiwan police reached the spot and informed the family members after taking the deceased to Dharsiwan sawmill.

Father’s shadow raised from the heads of 3 children
The deceased Ganesh Vishwakarma was a resident of Kiritpur district Bemetara. The deceased has 2 daughters and a son. Due to the shadow of the father rising from the head, the children are also in bad condition by crying.

Used to sell handcart in the village
Rajesh Vishwakarma, brother of the deceased Ganesh Vishwakarma told that the deceased is his brother. To run the family, he used to run a shop on a handcart in the village, but in the era of inflation, the handcart did not earn enough to meet the household expenses. That’s why he came to work in the Siltara factory, 50 kilometers away from the village. From here he used to send expenses to the family every month.

Accidents due to lack of underbridge
In the absence of an underbridge from Sankara to Siltara Charoda, the Six Line keeps turning red with one or the other’s blood. Because of the large number of industrial units and villages on both the right and left sides of the Six Line from Sankara to Siltara, thousands of people, school children, laborers and everyone have to cross the Six Line. Despite this, neither Sankra nor Siltra built an underbridge in the old Sonu Monu Chowk. Nor has there been a way to get off and on from the Six Line on both sides.

many accidents around charoda bypass
A large number of road accidents from Sankra Siltara to Charoda bypass happen due to haphazard six line construction. Sankra Chok Siltara Government Higher Secondary School Chowk and in front of Guru Fuels, the underbridge at Charoda Bypass Chowk and Sankra Siltara, accidents happen on the coming days due to non-preparation of passage on both sides of the Six Line. In the last one month, 3 people have lost their lives in the Chowk in front of Charoda Guru Fuels.

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