Angry elephant, mad dog and bitten 15: Crowd gathered to see Gajraj, mad dog ran and bitten, watch LIVE VIDEO

best character, Gariaband. When a wild elephant was seen in Devbhog for the first time, the crowd surrounded it. The elephant kept running in a radius of 300 meters for 7 hours. The elephant is also angry due to teasing. At the same time, 70 officers of Forest Department, Police and Revenue were busy throughout the day to control the crowd. In the same area, a dog ran and bitten 15 people, due to which all the people were admitted to the hospital. There a boy fainted after seeing the elephant.

In fact, till two days back, panic had spread in the village bordering Odisha after seeing the footprint of the elephant. The same elephant while crossing the oil river from Dahigaon ghat came to the residential area of ​​Devbhog at around 9 am today. People had seen the elephant while bathing in the river. As soon as 10 o’clock in the morning, a crowd of people gathered from behind Thakur Para ward to Phokatpara.

The elephant has been coming and going since morning in this 300 meter stretch of Belat drain. For the first time a wild elephant has arrived in the area. Therefore, a large number of people gathered to see the people unaware of the danger. On getting the information, Forest SDO Rajendra Sori along with his team of 30 people, including 15 elephant friends, is trying to control the crowd.

Station in-charge Gautam Gawde and Tehsildar Jayant Patle, along with the police team, kept the shops closed in the affected area and stopped the crowd on the way, so that no one disturbs the elephant. Let him find a way out, so that he can reach his destination. The increasing crowd kept thwarting the efforts of the administration.

SDO Rajendra Sori told that the age of the elephant is 20 to 25 years. Due to the crowd of people, he is not able to find a way to go. Efforts are on to clear the crowd. Probably he will be able to get out as soon as it gets dark. Hathi is a member of the party active in Malgaon Dhawarpur area of ​​Navrangpur district. Wasn’t allowed to leave on time. If caution is not taken, the result can prove fatal.

fainted in terror

A 17-year-old boy from Nishad Para narrowly escaped being hit by an enraged elephant while making a video. When his health deteriorated due to panic, the boy was admitted to a private hospital. Despite this incident, people did not learn a lesson.

dog bitten 15 people

Suddenly a stray dog ​​became an attacker in the crowd of Phokatpara area gathered to see the elephant. Within 4 hours, 15 people were hacked in no time. Doctor posted at Devbhog Hospital, Dr. Prakash Sahu told that Bhanu Patra 37 years, Pratap Singh 46 years, Rajat 26 years, Toshan Nayak 34 years, Naval Singh 50 years, Lekhdhar 65 years, Nand, Kumar 37 years, Rukmani 46 years, Tavesh 18 years, Samiksha 12 years, Grace 10 years, Sameel 12 years, till 5 pm for treatment of dog bite. Nilram 45 years old, Rup Singh 22 years old had come, who have been given necessary treatment.

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