Angry wife on being stopped from talking to neighbor youth: Boiling oil poured on husband’s private part, absconded after registration of case

Bhupendra Bhadoria, Gwalior. In Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh to the wife Refusing to talk to the neighbor’s youth became a burden to the husband. Angry wife poured oil on husband’s private part while sleeping at night. Due to which the husband got seriously burnt. He has been admitted to the burn unit of Jai Arogya Hospital. Police has registered a case against the accused wife.

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This sensational incident is from Madhavi Nagar of Kampu police station area. Police said that 32-year-old Sunil Dhakad does a private job. A few days ago, a woman living in the neighborhood had complained to Sunil that your wife Bhavna talks to her husband. On this many times he explained the feeling. But it didn’t matter. Meanwhile, one day when husband Sunil came home, Bhavna was talking to the young man on mobile. He refused to talk to his wife several times. But he did not stop talking on the mobile. This enraged Sunil and snatched Bhawna’s mobile. This act of the husband was so exasperating to the wife that she decided to teach a lesson to Sunil and when he was sleeping, Bhavna got up and heated oil in the kitchen and put it on the husband’s private part. The oil was so hot that Sunil got burnt by the hot oil.

Suffering from pain, Sunil shouted for help, then the people around reached the spot and admitted the injured Sunil for treatment and informed the police. As soon as the information was received, the police reached the spot. Based on the statements of the husband, the police have registered a case against the wife and started searching for her.

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