Announcement of Hindu Dharma Sena! 11,000 reward will be given for marrying a Muslim girl! There was also talk of bearing the expenses of the marriage.

Kumar Inder, Jabalpur. A controversial statement of the president of Hindu Dharma Sena has come to the fore in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. He said that if a Hindu boy marries a Muslim girl, he will be given a gift of Rs 11,000. Yogesh Aggarwal said that if a Muslim girl and a Hindu youth do love marriage, then the organization will help her. Hindu Dharmasena and Chandi Vahini have also announced to bear the expenses of marriage of Hindu youths in other religions.

Yogesh Agarwal, President of Hindu Dharma Sena, said that our girls are being abducted through Love Jihad. They are marrying after changing their religion. Later the lives of our Hindu girls get ruined. His body is found in the suitcase. This is not hidden from anyone. We have called to stop this. If Hindu youths have a love affair with a Muslim girl, we will welcome them. We will get the marriage done and give Rs 11,000 as a gift.

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President of Chandi Vahini said- Giving gifts is our Indian culture

President of Chandi Vahini Lata Singh Thakur said that we have not kept a reward of 11 thousand. The prize is then placed in competition. This is not competition. In our Indian culture, marriage is a sacred bond in Sanatana Dharma. It is a very beautiful ritual. This is not love jihad. That’s why if our Hindu child marries a girl from any religion, pant, religion, we will definitely give him money as a gift. Now it is 11 thousand, it is possible that in the coming time we will also increase it. Gift giving is in our Indian culture.

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Lata Singh Thakur further said that if any girl child comes to our house, even if she belongs to vidharmis, she is worshipable for us. They trick our girls and take them away by telling lies. While their religion clearly states that Hindu girls are not to be married, marriage is not done, it is forbidden. Bring her, consume her well, give birth to children, if she doesn’t listen to you, beat her, cut her into pieces, freeze, lock her in a suitcase, cook her in a cooker, this is not in our culture. Our culture is that if a girl child of any religion comes to our religion, we respect her, welcome her and celebrate Grihalakshmi, that’s why we have kept this amount as a gift.

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