Anupam Kher Promises Satish Kaushik Daughter Vanshika To Launch Her In Films | Anupam Kher promised to launch Satish Kaushik’s daughter, users said

Anupam Kher Video: Anupam Kher has not been able to get out of the grief of his friend Satish Kaushik. He is taking care of his daughter Vanshika after Satish left. He often spends time with Vanshika and keeps sharing videos while having fun. Anupam Kher has recently shared a video on social media in which he is asking Vanshika about her daily routine. Also, Vanshika tells what she misses a lot about her father.

While sharing the video, Anupam Kher wrote – Vanshika came to my office last week to meet me. Where we talked about many things. In which talked about school, studies, hairstyle, makeup. Along with this, we also found out about his father and my special friend Satish Kaushik. We talked for hours. She is a bright and cute baby girl. I love her very much. There is a lot to learn from them.

Anupam calls Vanshika a princess
At the very beginning of the video, Anupam Kher calls Vanshika a princess, after which she starts smiling. When he asks Vanshika how she thinks she is a princess, she says everything. Anupam Kher says that when he was young, he considered himself a prince, even though he was poor. He asks Vanshika about her daily routine. Vanshika tells that she spends her time crafting.

Promised to launch Vanshika
Anupam Kher asks Vanshika if she wants to become an actor when she grows up. She says I don’t know about it yet. Anupam Kher says that if you want to become an actor, I will not only train you to become an actor but also launch you in a film.

Vanshika starts laughing after listening to Anupam Kher. Anupam Kher says on this- I am serious, but now you have to concentrate on your studies. Talking about her exam, Vanshika told that she did not get good marks in maths and English but scored well in Hindi.

Fans praised

After Anupam Kher’s promise to launch Vanshika, fans are praising the actor a lot. He is commenting a lot on Anupam’s post. A fan wrote – Anupam ji I am happy to see your video with baby Vanshika. you are doing very well. Always stand with them like this.

Please tell that Vanshika is going to be 11 years old on 15th July. Anupam Khe is about to throw a party on Vanshika’s birthday. He has said that he will host a party for Vanshika.

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