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Anupam: In the serial Anupama these days preparations are being made for Anupama to go to America. Farewell party preparations for Anupama are in full swing. On the other hand Maya is losing her temper day by day. She is unable to tolerate the growing closeness of Anuj and Anupama. Meanwhile, news is now coming that Chhavi Pandey, who is playing the role of Maya in the show, is about to leave the show.

Maya will no longer be in Anupama’s life

According to reports, Chhavi Pandey’s track is being scrapped in the show. That’s why she is leaving the show. It will be shown in the show that Maya will realize that Anuj belongs only to Anupama and after that Maya will leave her. It is known that Chhavi Pandey recently came live on Instagram, in which she told about it that she is shooting for the last episodes. Soon his plot will end with the show.

How is Maya’s health?

These days it is being shown in the show that Maya Mentally is not well. He only wants to get Anuj. She is very upset due to the fear of Anuj going away. He is having dreams of Anupama and Anuj. In Monday’s episode, it will be shown that when Anuj returns after meeting Anupama, Maya becomes very angry. He is feeling that Anupama might not take Anuj with her to America. If this happens then she will be left alone. Maya is cooking some new khichdi in her mind to keep Anuj away from Anupama. She says that if it continues like this, then he might do something wrong.

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