Anupamaa Big Twist Dimpy Goes To Media Malti Devi Sealed Samar Dance Academy

Anupamaa Twist: Anupama is a very popular show on TV. It was shown in the show in the past that Anupama had to go to America. Big shows were to happen for Malti Devi. But Anupama changes her decision at the last moment and gets off the flight. Actually, little Anu had fallen ill after Maya’s death. She could not bear the shock of her mother’s departure and when she came to know that Anupama was going to America, she fell ill. At the same time, Anupama is also worried about little Anu and gets off the flight at the last moment.

After this Anupama goes to Chhoti Anu and Chhoti Anu becomes happy. However, Malti Devi becomes very angry. She also slaps Anupama in anger.

In the upcoming track of the show, it will be shown that Anupama will go to Malti Devi’s house. Malti Devi will ask Anupama to dance on the item song. On which Anupama will do classical dance. On the other hand, Dimpy gives a statement in the media that Malti Devi has suffered a lot because of Anupama. Seeing this news, the Shah family also gets very angry with Dimpy.

summer work will be closed

There are reports that a big twist is going to come in the upcoming episode of the show. According to the news of Bollywood Life, Malti Devi will attack Anupama’s weakness. Anupama loves her children very much and can do anything for her children. Malti Devi will take advantage of this. Malti Devi will attack Anupama’s children only. She will attack Samar first. Because of Malti Devi, the summer contracts will go away. Anupama Academy will be closed, due to which summer work will stop.

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