Anupamaa Canceled To Go To USA At The Moment Anuj Became The Reason Shocking Malti Devi Waited On Airport

Anupamaa 12 JULY 2023 Latest Episode: The condition of little Anu is getting worse in the Anupama show. Blood has started coming out of his mouth while coughing. Seeing this, Pakhi along with Anuj and other members of the house got scared. On the other hand, Anupama has reached the airport. Anupama’s dreams are about to get flight in no time. Vanraj will be seen holding Anupama’s hand to start this new journey, while Malti Devi will ask Anupama to hurry up. Only then something will happen which will be shocking.

Anupama reached the airport, yet to fly to America

In the show, Anupama will reach the airport packing all her luggage for America. Vanraj will reach to take her off. While Malti Devi will be seen standing with Anupama to motivate her. During this, Malti Devi will also be afraid that something may go wrong at the last moment, due to which she may be harmed. Now in such a situation, Vanraj will make Anupama a paper aeroplane, seeing which Anupama’s face will smile. Anupama will be seen remembering her old days, how she had dreams day and night to go to America which could not be fulfilled. But now no one will come between her and her dreams.

Then Anupama’s phone will ring tring-tring.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Anupama will be seen telling Malti Devi that Anupama should go now, it is time for the flight. Immediately after this, Anupama’s phone will ring. As soon as Anupama picks up the phone, she will ask Anuj for good health. Only then Anuj will break down after losing and will be about to tell him the condition of Chhoti that only then Anu will hear the painful sigh of Chhoti Anu. Anupama’s mind will be disturbed after hearing this. He will realize that little Anu is not well. He’ll be flustered. Now it will be interesting to see in the show that Malti Devi in ​​front, little Anu behind, holding whose hand Anupama will move forward in life?

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