Anupamaa Sagar Parekh Character Somer Dying In The Show

Anupam: Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna’s show is the most favorite show of Anupama TV. It is being shown in the show these days that Malti Devi is ready to go to any extent to take revenge from Anupama. In Monday’s episode, it will be shown that Samar and Dimpy will go and sign the contract with Malti Devi.

Will Summer die?

At the same time, Anupama’s condition is also bad. Anupama had a dream about Samar that Samar has died. Distressed, she searches for Samar in the Shah house and then Toshu says that Mummy is no longer Samar. After which Anupama is upset. She also removes Samar’s eyes by going to Shahr House.

Sagar Parekh, who is now playing the role of Samar, has reacted to the twist of Samar’s death. Talking to India Forum, he said, ‘Many twists are going to come on the upcoming story. I cannot reveal much more now. All I can say is that a lot of interesting is going to happen in the upcoming episodes and everyone will be shocked.

It is known that Sarag Parekh has replaced actor Paras Kalnawat in the show. Paras Kalnawat was earlier playing the role of Samar in the show but he suddenly left the show midway. Then Sagar is playing this role in his place.

Please tell that Anupama had signed a contract with Malti Devi. Under which Anupama had to go to America for 3 years. But Anupama gets off the flight at the last moment. Anupama had taken this decision for the sake of little Anu. But Malti Devi is very angry with Anupama’s decision and she decides to take revenge from Anupama. First of all, she attacks Anupama’s son Samar and gets his work stopped.

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