Anupamaa Spoiler Alert 10 July 2023 Choti Anu Got Panic Attacks Anuj Does Not Want To Stop Anupama To Full Fill Her Dreams

Anupamaa NEW Twist Alert 10 July 2023: The upcoming episodes of the show Anupama are going to be very interesting. At the same time, the fans of the show are wishing that there should be no more thorns on Anupama’s path and she should fulfill her dreams as soon as possible. But here comes the twist in the tale. Anupama’s dreams may not be fulfilled yet? Let us know what could be the reason.

Anupama’s daughter Chhoti Anu’s health deteriorated
In the show Anupama, while Anupama is preparing to go to America, on the other hand Maya’s daughter Anu’s health has deteriorated badly. Anuj is not telling Anupama because he does not want Anupama to give up on her dreams once again because of him or her daughter.

Anupama is not aware that little Anu is having panic attacks. Doctors have also said that Chhoti Anu is not suffering from any disease but she is traumatized by her mother’s death, in such a situation love is the only thing that can cure Chhoti from back. Now Anupama has no news about this, so how will she handle Chhoti?

Anuj has sworn, like the Shah family, there will not be a wall between Anu’s dreams
Anuj can call Anu if he wants. Pakhi also asked Anuj to call her mom so that Chhoti could be relieved. But Anuj is helpless. Now in the coming episode, Anuj will be the one who will stop Anupama! The big twist in the story will come when Anupama will give up her dreams this time for Chhoti. On the other hand, Malti Devi’s blood will boil because she will suffer a lot. Now how will Anupama handle this situation. It will be very interesting to see this.

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