Anupamaa Spoiler Alert 16 July 2023 Malti Devi Will Destroy Anupamaas Relations And Love For Step Daughter Mash Up In Kapadia House

Anupamaa Latest Episode 16 July 2023: Malti Devi’s anger is bursting in the Anupama show. The punishment for what Anupama did is fixed. Malti Devi has suffered a lot because of Anupama. Will Anupama never be able to make up for it? In such a situation, now Malti Devi will bring a fierce storm in Anupama’s life.

Big changes will come in Anupama show

In the coming episodes, Anupama will feel incomplete in herself. Anu will also have a husband, family and a child, yet she will miss the flight of her dreams. But now it is too late. Above all, Malti Devi will now become Anupama’s enemy for many births. Till yesterday Malti Devi who supported Anupama in difficult times, considered her as her daughter, today that guru maa has taken back her diksha from her, she has even taken away the right to call her mother.

Now in the show, Malti Devi will be seen cursing Anupama, due to which Anupama will be broken from inside. Even while living with the family, there will be many changes in him. Whereas Vanraj will be seen giving sympathy to Anupama.

Has Malti Devi suffered a huge loss?

Anupama will also be seen pleading and folding her hands in front of Malti Devi, but Malti Devi has taken a vow that she will destroy Anupama. Her affection will turn her relationships into ashes. Whether Malti Devi has suffered financial loss due to Anupama or has some personal affair, it is yet to be disclosed.

Let me tell you, till now it was being said that Malati Devi would be Anuj’s mother, but these rumors proved wrong. At the same time, it was also said that Malti Devi had some relation with Anupama before, which Malti wanted to take to the last stage according to her. But Anupama suddenly refused to go to America.

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