Anupamaa Spoiler Alert 18 July Malti Devi Makes Trouble For Anupama Twist Comes With Maya Unsatisfied Soul

Anupamaa Latest Episode 18 July: Maya has died in the Anupama show, but Maya’s energy is still revolving around Anupama. Yes, this is what is being shown in the show. Anupama has given up her dream of going to America, Anupama has made such a big sacrifice for little Anu.

What happened with Anupama at the airport?

In the upcoming episodes, it will be shown how Anupama ran away from the airport and reached Kapadia house. What happened before that? Anupama had already boarded the plane, then what happened that she got off the plane? Anupama will be seen telling the whole incident to Malti Devi. She will tell in front of the whole family that when she entered the plane, she saw Maya. Maya told Anupama not to go abroad. Chhoti needs Anupama, during this Maya kept folding her hands and pleading in front of Anupama.

Anupama will say that she is still wondering whether what was in front of her was Maya or Maya’s soul? If the makers have really shown Maya’s soul, then it means that Maya’s soul did not find peace after death. But it may be that Anupama became the reason for his salvation.

Malti Devi will not melt even if Anupama tells the truth?

Now in the upcoming episode it will be shown when Malti Devi will ask Anupama the truth why she could not go to America? Anupama will give a clear answer to this, yet Malti Devi will not be in a mood to forgive Anupama. In such a situation, Anuj will be seen protecting Maya. He will say that Malti Devi can do anything, but I will not let Anupama even get scratched. On the other hand, Vanraj will also be seen getting angry that what was the need for Anupama to stay. He will say – Malti Devi will take out her anger on Anu and at the same time we will also have to pay for it.

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