Anupamaa Spoiler Alert 23 July 2023 Samar And Dimple Joins Malti Devi Team To Ruin Anupamaa Here Are Details

Anupamaa Big Twist: A lot of twists and turns have been seen simultaneously in the show Anupama. Now Samar is about to take such a decision due to which such a situation will arise where Samar and Anupama will be face to face. Yes, Malti Devi is going to play a big trick.

Nakul snatched away from Malti Devi!

In fact, it is being shown in the show that Nakul is well aware of Anupama’s generosity, so he also has love, respect and compassion for Anupama. After seeing the cruel form of Guru Maa, Nakul asked her to calm down and also asked her to forgive Anupama. But Malti Devi is burning with the spirit of vengeance, in such a situation Malti Devi is in no mood to forgive Anupama. Now in the coming episode, Nakul will leave Malti Devi for Anupama.

Nakul will take a big decision, will not support Malti Devi in ​​her sinful work

Nakul will now warn Malati Devi to forget the feelings she has towards Anupama. Malti Devi also made preparations to hurt Anupama during the dance performance in which she was successful. Nakul will remind Malti Devi about this, but Malti Devi will say that her mind has not calmed down yet. In such a situation, Malti will say that if he also wants to go, then he should go to Anupama. But Nakul will say that Anupama’s heart is so big that she will send him back to him only. Malti Devi will be enraged after hearing this.

Now Malti Devi will burn more

Now in this situation, Malti Devi will catch Anupama’s weak link. To teach Anupama a lesson, Malti Devi will play her new trick and will get Samar to fill a contract with her. Along with Anupama’s son, daughter-in-law Dimpy will also be involved in this. Dimpy is equally bitter towards Anupama. In such a situation, Malti Devi will now use Samar and Dimpy for Anupama.

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