Anupamaa Spoiler Alert 25 July 2023 Anupamaa Son Reason Behind Betrayal Her Is Shocking Malti Devi Targets Samar And Dimpy

Summer Reason Behind Betrayal Anupamaa: In the show Anupama, Malti Devi has vowed to destroy Anupama. Anupama had turned away from Guru Maa for her affection, now the same Guru Maa has returned to destroy Anupama’s affection.

Son Samar snatched from Anupama?

A few days back a promo from the show surfaced in which Anupama was shown crying for Samar. The shocking thing was revealed in the promo – Samar’s death. In such a situation, it was believed that Malti Devi had killed Samar to complete her revenge. Although it was a dream of Anupama, is there any reality behind this dangerous dream? Anupama has now realized that the dream was an alert. In such a situation, now Samar is really trapped in the affair of Malti Devi, that too because of Dimpy.

Summer stuck because of Dimpy

Dimpy is of mean nature, in such a way she is molding Samar in her company. Now Samar has decided to go against his mother. Samar has decided to support Malti Devi, not only that he has signed a contract, in which he will remain a Gurukul till death. While Dimpy does it. When Anupama comes to know about this, she will be shocked. Now in the upcoming episode, when Anupama will ask Samar for an explanation as to why he did this, Samar will answer this.

Samar told why he left Anu’s side

Samar has joined hands with Malti Devi by betraying his mother, the reason behind this he told is that he is fed up of being good, he does not want to be a good son or Babu of anyone. Samar will say, mummy was also good for everyone, then why did this happen to mummy? With this, the show has become very interesting.

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