Anupamaa Spoiler Alert Big Connection Between Malti And Anuj Guruma Has Motive Behind Handing Over Gurukul To Anupama

Anupamaa Upcoming Episode: Anu is maintaining complete focus in the show Anupama. She has decided that she will not divert her attention here and there. She will fulfill the promise made to her Guru Maa. What is the promise made by Anupama to Gurumaa? Anu had told Gurumaa that she would not do any such thing which would harm the Gurukul or its fame and name.

Poor Anuj was also ignored

Anupama is also seen ignoring poor Anuj in the show. Due to this promise, she has made distance from Anuj as well. Anuj approached Anupama on many such occasions but Anupama was seen running away from the situation. Even during Anupama’s solo dance performance, Guru Maa’s eyes were on Anuj. On the other hand, because of Anupama’s promise, Gurumaa has tied her up, secondly, Anupama is also worried about the fact that she may not deviate from her goal again, so she is not even talking to Anuj with eye contact.

Is this a trick?

Is there any conspiracy to make Anupama dream of America and shine in the field of dance, which will separate Anu from Anuj? Does Anuj have any connection with Gurumaa? This will be known only after watching the further episodes of the show. So the big question is, will Anupama fly to America after breaking Anuj’s heart? Will Anupama be away from Anuj forever? This will be shown in the coming episodes.

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