Anupamaa Spoiler Alert Malti Devi Tapped Anupamaa For Revenge Dimple Shah Too Involved

Anupamaa Latest Episode Alert 19 July 2023: In the Anupama show, Anu is seen getting trapped from all sides, although she does not yet realize that what a big trouble is going to come in front of her. But Vanraj had sensed this trouble long ago. Maybe that’s why he was supporting Anupama..

Vanraj supported Anupama for his selfishness?
Anupama’s ex-husband Vanraj had shown a lot of support for Anu to go to America in the past. Was there a purpose behind this? Now that Anupama has canceled the plan to go to America, why is Vanraj the most shocked? Vanraj was recently seen saying that Anupama doesn’t know what trouble she is in. All of us will also have to bear the consequences of this. It means that Vanraj already knew that if Anupama does not go, everyone will have to pay for it together. How selfish.

What will happen next?
Now in the upcoming episode, when the morning paper comes to the Shah family’s house, it will have a bold headline that Dimple Shah made a big disclosure about Anupama, Malti Devi’s show was canceled because of Anu. The entire Shah family is shaken by this news. Baa blames Dimple that this girl has come only to cause harm. On this, Dimple will give her clarification that what did I do wrong, she only said what is true. Meanwhile, Vanraj will again be seen worried that we all will have to bear the loss of Anupama.

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