Anupamaa Spoiler Alert Maya Car Hits Anupamaa Major Accident On The Show Shocking Know More Details

Anupamaa Is Still Alive Or Died: In the show Anupama, Anu dreams of going to America all the time. Recently, the family members were seen doing Farewell for Anupama. So on the other hand, Anuj also invited Anupama to the Kapadia Mansion so that before going to America, she could once again enhance the beauty of that house. Anupama is a peaceful soul for Anuj, in such a situation, he wanted that before leaving, Anu should step in that house once. But Maya could not tolerate this, in such a situation, Maya created a lot of orgy on Anupama’s arrival.

Maya’s orgy on the doorstep of Kapadia Mansion, then insulted Anupama!

Maya created a ruckus in the Anupama show when she came to know that Anuj had arranged a farewell for Anupama at her house before leaving for America. When Anupama reached Kapadia Mansion against her wish, Anuj brought a plate decorated with flowers for Anu, which Maya turned away by hitting her hand. After this, Maya started telling lies to Anupama. Anupama did not understand that Maya turned the plate in anger, but why was Maya calling Anupama clever?

Maya reveals Anuj’s secret, preparing to come to US after her Anu!

Maya shouted that Anuj is preparing to go to US following Anupama, Maya also showed papers as proof. Anupama is shocked to see this. What will Anupama do now? The upcoming episode is going to be more interesting as Maya’s madness will increase further, angry Maya will want to play Holi with Anu’s blood.

Maya hits Anupama with the car

In the upcoming episode, Maya will hit Anupama hard from behind with a car. Anupama will come out of the Kapadia house in shock. Maya will be seen coming in the car behind Anu. That’s why Maya will hit Anu with a car in anger. Will Anu survive? Now it is going to be very interesting to know what will happen next in the show.

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