Anupamaa Spoiler ALERT Maya Is Going To Die Anupamaa And Anuj Will Be Together Soon Quits Opportunity Of America Malti Devi Will Be Very Angry

Anupamaa Big Twist: A big twist is going to come in the show Anupama, along with this the current track is also going to change. In the show, Anupama can once again return to Anuj’s life by becoming his wife. Yes, that means Anupama and Anuj can be together again. Maya’s track is about to end in the show.

Makers brought a new turn in Anupama’s life

Makers have started a new track in the show. In such a situation, Maya will get destroyed in love. Whereas Anuj and Anupama will unite, but the question is whether Anupama will go to America or not? Because after getting away from Anuj, Anupama got a hope with great difficulty, and from that she started her life. When Anupama was sad, she took a vow that she would not give up her dreams for anyone. Once again Anupama has come to the same point of life where she was standing helpless and helpless. Today Anupama has an option. So whom will Anupama choose? Old love or new respect, Anuj or America?

Will Malti Devi create trouble in Anupama’s life?

Till now Malti Devi was a savior in Anupama’s life. But now suddenly the form of Malti Devi is about to change. What could be the reason? Till now there were speculations that Malti and Anuj have some relation. It was being said that Malti could be Anuj’s mother. but it’s not like that. Malti must have some motive, that is why she was sending Anupama to America. What will be the purpose, that will be known later in the show. But now that everything is sorted in Anupama’s life, Malti Devi’s plan will also go wrong, so it is obvious that Malti Devi will get angry. After this, Malti Devi can emerge as a villain in the show.

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