Anupamaa Twist 17th July 2023 Malti Devi Blames Anuj For Anu Canceled America Trip Here Is Anupamaa Revealed The Reason

Anupamaa Latest Upcoming Episodes: Seeing the show Anupama, the fans are regretting that their Anupama could not go to America. But what is the real reason behind Anupama not going to America? After getting a slap, Anupama now told Malti Devi about this herself.

Why didn’t Anupama go to America, the secret is open in front of Malti Devi!

A video has surfaced from the show in which Malti Devi comes like a storm and rains on Anuj. She blames Anuj that because of him Anupama might have changed her decision. In the show, when Malti Devi would be fuming with anger, she would tell Anupama a lie and say that it was she who seduced you and made you stop here, didn’t you go because of Anuj? On this, Anupama will present her side that her mother’s affection stopped her from going. On this, Anupama’s teacher will say that don’t fall at my feet, neither I am your teacher’s mother nor your mother now. You have seen your affection, because of which you have caused so much harm to me.

Anupama replied to Malti Devi

Anupama will stand like a criminal. She will not be able to answer this to Guru Maa. In such a situation, Malti Devi will ask Anupama why didn’t you tell her. On this Anupama will say that I did not go because of my daughter and did not go because of Maya.

Maya’s name has been taken at the end in Anupama. After all, what is the reason, Anupama could have gone to America with Chhoti as well, but why did Maya stop because of Maya? Fans are speculating on social media that there may be something supernatural in Anupama’s life. Means Anupama can travel even to give peace to Maya’s soul.

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