Anupamaa Twist Anu Reached To Kapadia House Before Leaving For US Here Is Anuj Gets Furious On Maya Treating Anupama Badly

Anupamaa Upcoming Episode: In the upcoming episode of the show Anupama, Anuj is going to give a grand welcome to his Anu. Maya will not be able to tolerate this at all. Anupama has not even crossed the threshold that Maya will treat Anupama badly. This time Anuj will not be able to tolerate this at all and he will not be able to control himself, in such a situation Anuj’s hand will be raised on Maya.

Anuj requests Anupama to come to Kapadia Mansion

It was shown in the show that Anupama was given a farewell by Baa and the rest of the children, due to which Anupama became giddy. In such a situation, Anuj has also planned that before Anu leaves for America, he will call her to Kapadia Mansion and give her a grand welcome. Pakhi also insisted on this to Anupama. In such a situation, Anupama will reach his house at the behest of Anuj.

what will happen next in the show

Now in the coming episodes, as soon as the doors of Kapadia Mansion will open for Anupama, Anupama’s memories will be refreshed. He will remember every happiness and every sorrow. During this, Maya will start saying a lot to Anupama. Only then Anuj will bring a plate decorated with flowers to welcome Anupama, in which a lamp will also be burning. He will perform Anupama’s aarti, only then Maya will come from behind and will hit the plate with Anuj’s hand. Due to which the plate will fly and fall on the ground and vermilion flowers will spread all over the floor. And the lamp will fall on the other side. During this everyone will be shocked.

Maya’s drama will begin

Maya will tell Anupama that these are your sanskars? Anupama will not be able to understand, in such a situation Maya will show a paper to Anu and will say that Anuj is also going to America following Anupama. Maya will accuse Anu of asking her husband to follow her. Just after this, Anuj’s temperature will be high and he will turn Maya around and give a slap receipt. Now it is going to be very interesting to see what will happen next in the show.

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