Article: If the youth of normal background want to achieve their goal, then they must pay attention to these things – Ratanlal Dangi

Is the proper use of time and money not important for you and your family? Of course it is. Not only for those from such background but for all who want success in life. Want a better future, want to take the nation forward, then why shouldn’t they think seriously about where their time and money is being spent?

The youth have to ask themselves that wherever they are going to spend their time and money, will they help you to achieve your goal? If you are going to go with someone, then before thinking of getting out of the house, you must ask yourself this question, why am I going with those people? Who have no aim in life. Those who spend time passing the time without any purpose, gossiping or playing cards / Luddo. They should also stay away from the company of such people who are involved in criminal/anti-national activities.

Stay away from such group of mobs, who incite people against a particular caste/community, do or get incidents done. In such a situation, you will get entangled in the police case, then you will have to lose whatever little the family has in the affair of the court. Career will also be spoiled. Also avoid the company of those who are intoxicated. Don’t even do it yourself.

Similarly, if you are thinking of going to watch a movie, then also ask yourself a question whether that movie is related to the syllabus of any of your exams? Will you get any financial benefit from this? Would it be worth it to spend about five hours commuting there and watching a movie? Would it be better to use that time in some other important work? A similar question should be asked to yourself when you are going to watch a cricket match or watch it on TV, which will also cost both time and money.

If you are a player yourself or are going to choose a career in the same, then definitely go. Both time and money are important, use them disciplinedly. In order to achieve their goals, such unproductive activities should be avoided by the youth with simple family background and should concentrate fully on the work related to their goals.

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