Artificial intelligence technology will be monitored, cost 10 crores

Ajay Neema, Ujjain. Mahakal Lok, built under the expansion of the world famous Mahakaleshwar temple, will now be monitored through about 500 cameras to be installed at a cost of 10 crores. A control room is also being set up here with the help of artificial intelligence technology. Through which moment by moment information will be available in the control room.

artificial intelligence system

Lakhs of devotees are arriving every day from across the country to see the Mahakal Mahalok built after expansion in the Mahakaleshwar temple. Due to overcrowding, there is a challenge in front of the administration regarding crowd management. In such a situation, Ujjain Smart City has developed Artificial Intelligence System through TCIL (Public Sector Unit of Telecommunication Consultant India Ltd.) for crowd management and security. For this, 500 high quality cameras have been installed on the Mahakal corridor and the approach road leading to it. Cameras will keep an eye on every nook and corner of Mahakal Lok. It will be operated from the modern control room.

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Monitoring will start from Sawan month

USCL Executive Director and Corporation Commissioner Roshan Kumar Singh says that after the control room is ready, it will be tested on June 30, 2023. Monitoring will be started as soon as the season starts. After the use of new technology, if any devotee is missing in Mahakal Lok, he can also be found immediately through the camera. Apart from keeping an eye on the anti-social elements in the Mahakal Lok Complex area with the camera, arrangements can be made for the arrival of VVIPs. Apart from this, the situation of touching or damaging the idols will also be prevented. As soon as a devotee reaches near the statue, the control room will get information about it.

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cameras at these locations

Cameras have been installed on the walls of all the entrances of Mahakal Lok, including Nandi Dwar, Pinaki Dwar, Mansarovar Dwar, Mayur Van Dwar, Mahakal Nirgam Dwar, Shankh Chauraha, in front of Bada Ganesh, Mahakal Chauraha and every road leading to the temple. In such a situation, AI-enabled cameras will inform the police and the Mahakal Mahalok control room in case of overcrowding or traffic jams.

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