Arun Govil Who Played Role Of Ram In Ramanand Sagar Ramayan Reacted On Adipurush

Arun Govil Reaction on Adipurush: The film Adipurush was released on the big screen on June 16 and since then it is being criticized continuously. Some did not like the look of Ravana, while some found the language of Hanuman ji like taporis. At the same time, some people are alleging to show the scenes of Ramayana in a wrong way.

Arun Govil, who has now played the role of Ram in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana, has also presented his opinion about Adipurush. He said that the audience has spoken… Ramayana is the heritage of Indian culture and now it is very hurt to know the way it (the film) is being talked about, the basic spirit and form of Ramayana There was no need to change like this.

Do not tamper with faith
According to Arun Govil, Ramayana is a matter of faith and trust for us and any kind of tampering with it cannot be accepted. It is wrong to talk about modernity or mythology about Ramayana, the matter of special effects and presentation of the film is different, but it is necessary to present the characters in the right way, although the things going on about it are a matter of concern.

Arun further said that it is wrong to divide Ram-Sita-Hanuman in the framework of modernity and mythology. ? Arun said that before presenting the story of Ramayana in Adipurush, the makers had to think about how they are going to present Ramayana related to the subject of people’s faith.

‘I do not support such language in Ramayana’
Let us tell you that the dialogues of the film are also being strongly opposed by the audience. Talking about this, Arun said that such language does not look good and I always use restrained language. In such a situation, I do not support this kind of language in Ramayana… Then the same thing comes to the fore that what was the need to move away from the basic spirit of Ramayana?

Arun gave advice when the first teaser came out
In Adipurush, Arun talked about showing Ramayana as a cartoon film inspired by Hollywood, which is not correct at all. He said that the makers have taken creative liberty, but if they wanted to put their new input in the film, then it is not right. Arun Govil also told during this time that when the first teaser of Adipurush came out, he had talked to the makers and he had told them his opinion at that time.

Advice to maintain the original spirit of Ramayana
While talking about Prabhas and Kriti Sanon in the role of Ram, Sita in the film, he said that it is not the fault of the artists, the makers decide the character given to them. Suggesting the makers of films to be made on Ramayana further in Bollywood, Arun said that keeping the original spirit of Ramayana intact, the original form should not be tampered with.

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