Ashok Pandit Got Angry On Not Getting The Certificate From CBFC For The Trailer Of 72 Hoorain | 72 Hoorain Trailer: Ashok Pandit’s anger erupted when the trailer of ’72 Hoorain’ did not get certificate from CBFC

72 Hooray Trailer Row: Vivek Agnihotri’s ‘The Kashmir Files’ and Sudipto Sen’s ‘The Karela Story’ had been in a lot of controversies. At the same time, another film has been included in this list. The name of this movie is 72 Hooren. Even before the release of this film, she has also got embroiled in controversies. Even the censor board refused to certify the trailer of the film. Due to this, the co-producer of ’72 Huren’, Ashok Pandit’s mercury has become high.

CBFC refuses to certify the trailer of ’72 Hooren’
Once again another film ’72 Hooren’ is being said to be based on the horrific truth of the black world of conversion, terrorism. Although the Central Board of Film Certification ie CBFC has refused to give the certificate to the trailer of this film. The surprising thing is that earlier the board had given permission to the trailer but now it has been denied certificate. At the same time, after this decision of the board, the makers are getting furious. Ashok Pandit is very upset with CBFC.

’72 Ashok Pandit upset over not giving certificate to ‘Hooren’ trailer
Please tell that co-producer Ashok Pandit is very angry with the decision of CBFC. Attacking the censor board, he said that when all the visuals in the trailer have been taken from the film, then on what basis the trailer of ’72 Hooren’ has been rejected. Ashok Pandit said angrily,” We were in preparation. We had also booked a theater for the trailer launch and suddenly a bombshell fell on us and it was said that we cannot give censor certificate to the trailer. This was shocking for us. I would like to ask a question to the censor board that the 72 hooren film which got the National Award. The government has appreciated it. The trailer has been made from the excerpts of the same film and you have refused to give it a censor certificate.

Ashok Pandit raised questions on the decision of the censor board
Ashok Pandit shouted that either that National Award is wrong or this censor certificate rejection of yours is wrong, you decide. What is this process. Who are these people in the censor board who have not given the censor certificate to the trailer. With what intention have you refused this? I ask that you explain to me on what grounds you refused our trailer. I claim that the trailer has been made from the same scenes of the film which you have given the censor certificate, which has been given the National Award. What is this Dadagiri Hai, on what basis the trailer has been rejected. Prasoon Joshi of the Censor Board is responsible.

released digitally ,72 Hurons, trailer of
Meanwhile, despite not getting the certificate from the censor board, the makers have digitally released the trailer of ’72 Hooren’ today. This film has been directed by Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan and it will be released on July 7.

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