Ashoka Samrat Popular Actress Quit From Acting Career Settled In US After Marriage Then Why Actress Felt Like To Kill Herself

When Ashoka Samrat Popular Actress Quit From Acting Career :Actress Saumya Seth, who got the love of the audience by working in shows ranging from ‘Navya’ to ‘Ashok Samrat’, has been away from TV for a long time. What is the reason that she is not seen in any TV serial these days? Actually, Saumya Seth was going through a lot of trouble in her personal life some time ago.

Had left acting after getting married

In the year 2016, actress Saumya was last seen in the show ‘Chakravarti Ashok Samrat’. He got married after this show. In such a situation, she left her acting career and settled in the US. Samya got married in the year 2017. She became pregnant after 8 months of marriage. In such a situation, his world became limited.

Saumya Seth married businessman Arun Kapoor. After 8 months of marriage, Saumya had also given the news of her pregnancy to her fans. After this Saumya and Arun Mara became fathers. Saumya had a son named Ayden.

Divorce was done after 2 years

But after two years of marriage, both Arun and Soumya separated. The actress herself had told about this that she got divorced in the year 2019. The reason given was that he had to face physical violence. In such a situation, Soumya’s heart did not feel there. In such a situation, he felt like killing himself. But Saumya used to think about her child that if she took such a step, what would happen to her child after she left. Thinking this, Soumya did not move.

According to Etimes, Saumya said that even during pregnancy, she used to have thoughts of killing herself. Her condition had become such that she could not even see herself in the mirror. Now after divorce, both Soumya and Arun have joint custody of the child. Arun can come to meet his son anytime. With this Soumya decided to move forward in life and got married again. Now Saumya is married to Shubham Chuhadia. Soumya and Shubham got married on June 22 as both had met during the lockdown.

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