Asking for help from film actor Sonu Sood was expensive: online fraud with a woman sitting on a dharna for compassionate appointment, thugs pretending to be Sonu Sood and withdrawing 50 thousand rupees from the account twice

Shivam Mishra, Raipur. Thugs are taking the hoax in different ways of online fraud. Thugs are using new methods of cheating. Now those who seek online help are being cheated. A woman sitting on a dharna for compassionate appointment in Raipur sought help from film actor Sonu Sood through Twitter and she became a victim of fraud. A woman sitting on dharna has been duped online of Rs 50,000. A complaint has been registered in the old township police station. The cyber cell team is probing the matter.

Victim woman Madhuri Mrige

The victim woman Madhuri Mrige, sitting on a dharna for compassionate appointment from Sonu Sood, who made his mark as a social worker by helping people during the Corona period, had sought help by tweeting Sonu Sood three days ago. Shortly after tweeting Sonu Sood, a number was sent to Madhuri Mrige’s number and was asked to call on this number to contact Sonu Sood. The woman called for help on that number. The thugs disguised themselves as Sonu Sood and talked to the woman, after which they took out fifty thousand rupees from the woman’s account twice.

Crossed 50 thousand in two times by downloading the app

The vicious thug asked the woman to download the app. First Madhuri Mrige downloaded the app on her other partner’s number, but there was no money in that account. After this, the vicious thug got the app downloaded on Madhuri Mrige’s number by saying that only the one who needs help in his account will have to download it. As soon as the app was downloaded, 50 thousand rupees were deducted from Madhuri Mrige’s account twice.

Asked for 30 thousand then said will give 50 thousand

Describing himself as Sonu Sood, the cyber thug asked Madhuri Mrige that what kind of help do you need, then in response Madhuri Mrige told her whole story. After listening, the thug said that it is okay, he will help them. First Madhuri Mrige said that if she gets 30 thousand now then her work will be done, after which the thug said that only 30 thousand is needed, during this Madhuri Mrige said that if she gets 50 thousand then it will be of great help.

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