Babu Bhaiya is in love with love! Girlfriend caught in room with new boyfriend, then ex boyfriend was beaten up with rolling pin, case reached police station

Hemant Sharma, Indore. In Madhya Pradesh’s Indore, which is called Mini Mumbai, new controversies are being seen in the cases of young men and women who are continuously living in live-in relationship. First the girl lives with the boy in a live-in relationship and when the boy does not understand her, she makes the other boy her live-in partner and keeps her in her house. After which the new boyfriend of the girl’s old boyfriend beat her with a rolling pin.

In fact, this whole matter is related to Indore’s Kanadia police station area, where a young man named Tarun was living in a live-in relationship with his girlfriend in the Kanadia area. Suddenly, when he reached Richa’s house in the evening to meet her, he was confronted by her new boyfriend Yash Thakur as soon as he opened the door there. Due to which there was a dispute between Yash and Tarun.

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This dispute increased so much that there was a fierce scuffle between the two and Tarun was attacked by Yash Thakur with a rolling pin kept in the house. Due to which Tarun has got a deep head injury. Tarun has written in a written complaint to the police that when he went to meet Richa at her house, Yash Thakur was present there. Rich told her that now she will be in a relationship with Yash Thakur only.

After this, when Tarun asked Richa for his belongings, Yash thrashed Tarun fiercely. Tarun has complained about the whole matter to the Canadian Police. The police have started investigation by registering a case under the sections of assault. Let us tell you that in Indore, the affairs of rape, relationship and love often come to the fore.

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