Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 Spoiler Alert Ram Creates A Big Problem For Priya Girlfriend Kriti Is The Maine Reason Know Details

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 Latest Updates: The fans are very happy to see Ram-Priya together in the show, but whenever Kriti tries to come in between Ram Priya, then the hearts of the fans get burnt. At this time something similar is happening in the show. On one hand Ram has created trouble for Priya, and on the other hand Ram also wants to emerge from this difficulty. Know what happened after all..

Ram seen with ex-girlfriend, Priya’s father got shocked

There may be danger in the marriage of Ram and Priya, because the mood of Priya’s father has changed. Actually, Priya’s father had seen Ram with Kriti. Now when Priya came to know about this, she also started cursing Mr. Ram, during this a feeling of jealousy was also visible in Priya’s mind. Now there is double trouble for Priya, Priya herself and father Can you handle K’s reaction?

Priya will get angry on Ram, father will show fierce anger

Priya will say in the upcoming episode – Ram Kapoor has increased the trouble, I had also said that whatever you do, do it wisely, what should I do now? On the other hand, Priya’s father will be seen saying furiously – If he is having an affair with Kriti, then marry her, why is he after my daughter? Seeing things getting worse, Priya will be seen taking a stand for Ram. For Ram, Priya will tell her father that – Papa Kriti is a good friend of Ram, I know. There is nothing wrong between them as such. Will these things reduce Priya’s troubles? Or is there a big storm yet to come, it would be very interesting to know.

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